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At New Covenant Church Edmonton, we have various teams, opening opportunities for members to serve in God’s house. Join one of our teams today and be part of a workforce that makes a difference.

Every worker has the opportunity to be part of our mentoring and discipleship scheme, and to grow and stretch themselves as leaders.

Evangelism Team

We spread the Good News and bring people to Christ!​

Church Events

We lead and train men and women into God’s service – (knowing the art and act of serving in God’s vineyard using one’s unique and recognisable gifts).

Rebirth Youth Ministry

For ages 13–18 years old, our primary mission within the Youth Ministry is to help young people become born-again Christians who not only believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour but also, live as they believe.

Sunday School

We support the children, by feeding them spiritually, socially and physically.
Bright Beacons Baby Room (0 – 3 years)
Faith Finders (5 -7 years)
Strong Tower (8-12 years)

Worship Team

We bring people into the presence of God through praise and worship.

Welcome Team

We ensure our visitors and new members feel at home, we support the integrating and settling in into the family.

Bible Believer's Class (BBC)

We support the new believer to grow in faith.

Av Team

We ensure that the experience of all services is enhanced through technology, audio and video.

Protocol Team

We support the planning of church services and events as well as looking after the physical needs of the pastoral team.



We provide administrative support to the pastoral team.

Drama Team

We preach the message of Christ through Arts, (drama, music and poetry).

Ushering Team

we coordinate the seating arrangements in the building, and we provide positive crowd control. We also deal with the administration of the offerings.

Welfare Team

We attend to the physical needs of members. We also provide food for the homeless and the needy.

DGA (Digital & Admin)

Covenant Men International (CMI)

We are an outreach ministry to men in and outside of the church. We support the process of equipping men with life and leadership skills.

Covenant Women International (CWI)

We support women in fulfilling their destiny as women, wives, mothers and also in having a fulfilled ministry. We also support the process of raising covenant children.

Security Team

We ensure the car park, building and the environment is secure and we deal with all health and safety issues.


(SHADE) Saving Hands for Alcohol and Drug End-users.

We provide aftercare support for individuals under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Counselling Team

We provide aftercare support for individuals under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Covenant Generation

Working closely with the eldership to infuse creativity and youthful fun into channels for spreading and bringing the good news of Christ to youths in and outside of the church walls.

Back To School

Back to School Prayers is part of the women’s ministry in New Covenant Church Edmonton, based on a bible passage in 1 Samuel 1:27.